What Is An Americano? (With Recipes to Make One At Home)

The Americano is one of the simpler coffee drinks to make, only requiring espresso and hot water. The most difficult part of this drink is being able to make the espresso itself. As long as you have the ability to do that, it’s very simple. 

What is a Ristretto Shot?

The ristretto is a version of the classic espresso that is brewed using less water with the same amount of ground coffee. This creates a richer, more concentrated, intense coffee than a traditional espresso.

What Is a Cortadito? (Recipes & How to Make One)

The cortadito is a traditional Cuban coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. The name "cortadito" literally means "little cut," referring to the fact that it is a small, strong coffee that is often served in a demitasse cup. 

Espresso Tonic Recipe: Your New Favorite Coffee Drink

The espresso tonic is a simple but genius beverage that highlights and elevates the things we love most about specialty coffees. It’s sweet, it’s fruity, it’s floral, and it tastes unlike anything else you can order in a specialty cafe. 

Breve Coffee: What It Is & How To Make One

Making a breve latte is incredibly simple. All you need is a shot of espresso and some steamed milk. You can add other ingredients, which we’ll talk about a little later, but those two things will get you well on your way.

What Is a Mocha? Origins, Versions, & How To Make It

A mocha is typically made with espresso, chocolate syrup or cocoa powder, and steamed milk, which creates a creamy and decadent flavor

What Is A Cortado?

The question "What is a cortado?" is a simple question, with a surprisingly intricate answer. The cortado, in its fundamental form, is an espresso-based drink, married beautifully with a similar amount of steamed milk.

Latte vs. Cappucino vs. Macchiato: Similarities, Differences, and Which One You Should Order

It's time to compare and contrast three of the most popular coffee drinks: macchiatos, lattes, and cappuccinos. I will explain the similarities and differences between these drinks, as well as which one you should order depending on what you're looking for.

Dirty Chai: What Is In It & How To Make One At Home

The dirty chai is a relatively modern drink, but it’s one of our favorite twists on a classic. It takes the basic chai latte and adds delicious espresso, adding complexity to an already-delicious beverage.